Our Cabin / Cottage Transition


This is a most interesting picture in that it shows the front part of the old cottage at the end of the driveway where the newer garage will one day be. But the back part of that old cabin is gone being torn down. Then you can see the new cottage closer to Big Bass Lake to the right.

My grandmother had a most difficult adjustment moving from the home she knew for the majority of her years to the newer cottage. One would have thought the newer facilities to have been easier on her but then she was in love with that old cabin and to be truthful so was I. There will never be another kitchen like the one in the old cabin and I wish they had left it intact.

It could have been reworked for my grandmother to live there. I can’t imagine how difficult a transition all this was for her. This is the only picture I can recall with both the front half of the old cabin still up along with the new cottage.

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