The Last Days of My Aunt Elizabeth Norris

My Aunt Beth contracted a breathing disorder during the last two decades of her life that limited her activity greatly. Even so she still found time for gardening and picking blackberries along Noreika Road. She lived on the family farm until her health dictated a move to Ludington, Michigan. I kept in touch with her weekly by phone and aside from her contact with her church, my aunts last few years were spent as a recluse.

As I noted in other posts, Beth was once a CIA agent and she spoke many languages so it was very difficult to see her lose her intelligent edge over her last few years. Eventually she needed more care and so she was sent to a facility near Custer, Michigan where she died.

She sold the family farm to pay for her mounting medical bills. She never signed up for Medicare to she footed the full extent of all her medical bills. Due to her independent nature she found dependence upon others a horrible experience. As her breathing problems worsened she even fought against the very medicine that could have prolonged her life being a member of the Christian Science Church who does not believe in medicine and doctors. She died in 2002.

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