The Far North East Side of Big Bass Lake

Each section of Big Bass Lake has its own charm and dignity. On this lake there are many places where you can only see a certain portion of the lake and only an aerial view provides you with a vision of everything the lake has to offer. Unlike most lakes, this lake has many sections to it where vision of the other parts of the lake are concealed.

From our dock on the southwest portion of the lake, I could observe no part of the north side of the lake.  With five islands on this lake, it is difficult to observe one part of the lake from another. 

The northern section of the lake is almost a lake unto itself.  The only portal south leads into the narrows.  However, could this northeast side of the lake be where the Old Homestead Resort once stood?  Or where the Dinty Moore Resort was?  I think Grant’s Resort is on the northwest side of the lake. 

It is said that the north side of the lake is the deepest of any section of Big Bass Lake.  For those that dwell on this side of the lake feel free to add in your own thoughts by way of a comment.

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