The Hoffman Estates Boys Club 300 and Pig Roast

The Hoffman 300 was a three hundred lap bicycle race around one half of our building on a cement platform complete with pit stops. There were two divisions among our membership, one for older and younger members. Surprisingly, the younger member time was the best of the two age groups as the older members seemed to take their time at the race.

Perhaps what made it harder all day for all the members was the fact that during the race, a pig roast was also taking place directly behind the club on the large softball field for a fund-raising dinner that evening. The two winners were to receive a complimentary pass to the supper that evening. Both events that day were a rousing success much to the delight of my Board of Directors. Each seemed to compliment the other.

Though there was one bike accident, it only amounted to a skinned arm as protective devices were being worn that day as well.   A little Bactine and a bandage took care of that quite well.  The race took place in the early afternoon while the Pig Roast occurred in the evening in our gymnasium.  The dinner raised a great amount of funds for club programing.  The aroma around the club all that evening was heavenly. 

After the supper the two winners of the Hoffman 300 were presented their rewards capping off the great day.

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