Our Forested Property

Even though we called our property the family farm, of the 250 plus acres, a large percentage of that was forest land. This was a typical picture of that forest. Inundated with ferns, which, by the way, made for excellent mosquito controlling smoke, our forest was full of adventure and fun.

There was an old logging trail accessible from the sandy road that cut through the center of our property. It divided near the large swamp with one path runmning past another rather large swamp and the other way running parallel to a small creek eventually spilling onto North Matson Road.

Our forested beach area was also accessible off the main sandy road about 100 yeards down a small hill. That is where the majority of our boys club camping trips were located. It was right next to Big Bass Lake.

There was a small section of forest running alongside our family field all the way to the sandy road. But the main section of the forest was on the other side of that sandy road.

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