Conversations on The Rowboat

One of my most enjoyable things to do on camping trips to our property was to take a few boys out in our rowboat for some bonding conversations. On this day two members of the Marion Boys Club went with me to the Big Bass Lake Store but our course was to follow the shoreline this time. Calvin Little remarked several times how deep the water looked even so close to shore and worried about the weeds he saw just under the surface. He also complained that his tennis shoes were getting wet.

Eddie Crouch shed his tennis shoes before we left our campsite and didn’t mind his bare feet getting wet one bit. He dangled one foot over the side of the boat and into the water. I told him that a fish might consider his toes some tasty bait and his foot returned to the boat faster than a speeding bullet. We had to wait a little for a boat to get into the water near the Public Landing so the boys listened for frogs on the lily pads.

As we approached the bridge to the Big Island, Calvin got the opportunity to take over at the oars and move under the bridge. His inexperience showed as he bumped into the foundation twice before getting us through. He also noticed a bird’s nest lodged underneath the bridge.

Along the way the boys talked about the Haunted Island when we passed it and also of what they were going to do at the store. All in all it was good conversation that day as we skirted along the lake at a casual speed. Best yet, we had the return trip to our campsite just ahead of us.

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