The Marion Boys Club’s Walt Disney Revue

There were seven dwarfs on the stage at Jones Junior High in Marion, Indiana, and not one of those dwarf’s could adequately see where they were going which added to their hilarious routine. In the Marion Boys Club’s Walt Disney Revue they kept bumping into each other. Their huge paper Mache heads had only little slits for the eyes so there had to be spotters at the edge of the stage to make sure those boys would not fall over on their heads.

Andy Weller’s slim feet looked ever so dainty in his patent leather strap shoes with his white gown all decked out as Mary Poppin’s. There was even word that a male member of the audience asked him for a date after the program. And, Keith Hansel’s big blue eyes bulged as he was raised on wires into the air dressed as Peter Pan. I think he was wondering if he had flight insurance.

All this was done so the Marion Boys Club could raise funds to travel to Washington DC for the Boys Clubs of America National Convention. These boys were part of the Marion Boys Club singers which numbered about thirty boys. In Washington they even sang in Congress which at the time had only allowed The Beatles that honor. Not bad company to be in.

Their Walt Disney Revue was a smashing success as the boys worked ever so hard on their routines. Dale Knaur was the director of the singers and he also worked long hours to achieve their success. Yet in Washington, without all their elaborate costumes, it wasn’t quite as funny as it could have been with them.

The Singers even made a record of their music and I wonder if that record still exists today anywhere?

One thought on “The Marion Boys Club’s Walt Disney Revue

  1. Ha! Those were my sisters strap shoes and my feet stretched them out a full size. When I was done with them she couldn’t fit them anymore. I only wore them for the dress rehersal and the program and that was enough for me.


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