As Wild Leaves Fly on the Haunted Island

The Marion Boys Club went to our property once in the early fall in the month of October. It was two weeks prior to hunting season so the kids got to hike around our property when the trees were almost in full color.  We stayed at a cabin on the Little Manistee River as the nights were too cold to be tent camping.

One evening we went to our property and used a rowboat to get to Haunted Island.  The night saw some whitecaps on Big Bass Lake as the wind was whipping them up.  It was a bouncy ride out to the island.  Once there the boys moved up the little hill and proceeded to the Haunted House.

The trees were swaying in the wind and many-colored leaves were flying around the opening where the Haunted House stood.  Yes, it was a most spooky evening and the weather was going to provide the boys with all the scare elements it could.  As the boys approached the house several leaves shot out one of the window frames and the kids hit the ground fast. 

The boys thought they were spooks.  I asked if they wanted to visit the mounds area north of the house and they all shook their heads to the negative as that was the legendary home of the bonepickers.  So after about a half-hour of leaves being scattered about by the wind, and the boys thinking there was something supernatural about all that, we headed back to the boat.

Later that night back at the cabin the boys reflected on their windy experience at Haunted Island.  To a boy they all said that those leaves were possessed in the way they flew about the house.  Possessed leaves?  Now, that’s a new one even to me!  I wonder if they would think that about the leaves around the cabin?

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