How to Avoid Deer Hunters

No, that’s not the newest float in the Big Bass Lake 4th of July Parade. It’s also not the new Deer Washing Business either. What you have here is a very smart deer heading out to Haunted Island to avoid getting shot in deer hunting season.   Also those antlers are not his version of a periscope either!

Once at Haunted Island all that deer has to contend with are ghosts and bonepickers.  And, they are from the other world which it is attempting to avoid prematurely by getting shot in season.  Now he can forage for food at his heart’s content without having to dodge bullets and arrows.  After all how bad can a few spooks and bonepickers look compared to that?

If he had stayed on land then someone would have been picking at his bones and this deer was bent on survival!  Then again, with some help, he could pretend to be a float next year and if he won, who in their right mind would want to kill a winner?  Hmm?

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