The Marion Boys Club at Shanty Falls

The boys of the Marion Boys Club had long awaited their trip to Shanty Falls just outside Wabash. Unfortunately the time that the day had arrived it had followed a period of rain for nearly three days. Thus the field we needed to cross to get to Shanty Creek was quite muddy. I suggested to the boys that NO new tennis shoes be worn. In fact, if they had them, hiking boots were to be the order of the day.

The field must have had good drainage as it was not nearly as muddy as I had thought it to be. Still there were areas of quite thick mud but we finally managed to cross that field with not much damage to anyone’s footwear. As we entered the forest above Shanty Falls we heard a torrent of water and I was surprised to find Shanty Creek now a river. It was over its banks a good twenty yards so we had no choice but to follow the creek on shore.

The great thing about Shanty Creek was its rock bottom for nearly a mile before one would arrive at the actual falls. Yet as we walked what is usually about six inches deep was now several feet that much. In fact, as the group approached the area of the falls we had to take a slight detour around the large formation of rock that hangs over the falls.

We had our lunch in the large indention in the cliffs overlooking the falls. The falls were gushing forth water as I had never seen before with a large whirlpool at the bottom. The depth of the creek made it impossible to journey across to get to the mile long ridge of granite walls with caves that lay on the other side of that creek. So the boys had to be content to just explore the large indention that we had lunch at. It was a huge disappointment to the boys yet they knew they would return again so they made the best of the day.

One thing they were not denied and that was how glorious Shanty Falls looked when full of three days of water from all that rain. The boys took many pictures that day of the falls from various angles and some even wanted to get photographs of the whirlpool. Thus they had a great day in the events which they could control. The granite cliffs would have to wait for another day.

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