On jaunts to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area, many boys clubs have stopped at this mid-way point on US 31 just outside of Free Soil. It is called The Orchard Market and within its walls are all manner of fruits and vegetables along with a fantastic bakery.   I usually purchase a jar of honey with the honeycomb still embedded inside.  It makes for  a great topping for oatmeal in the morning.

The boys like to walk the isles and see what their purchasing power might bring them.  On this trip with the Salesian Boys Club, the boys found Bear Claws to be their top item.  The ever so tasty pastry is topped with several sweet tasting components and some of the boys purchased more than one!

It seemed that the bakery outweighed all other options as a few boys bought a type of cream puff with a sweet marshmallow flavor.  On many trips this was our first stop en route to the Recreation Area.  However, on some of our trips there we stopped here on the way back to our property on Big Bass Lake. 

I found that when a boy’s mouth is filled with sweet things they are less likely to ask, “Are we there yet?”