Daytime Hikes

On a trip to our property with the Marion YMCA daytime hikes were the order of the day. Since there were two supervisors along on that trip bonding hikes with the boys were frequent on our land. I once took a hike with Butch, Mark, and Brad and showed them not only the old logging trail but several other ones such as the one just off Matson Road.

We also did some off trail hiking and walked around the big swamp near the phone lines.  On this hike we even had a scavenger hunt for items of nature and this was held nowhere near a trail.  The Marion Y kids probably knew our property better than any other group as hikes were taken at least twice a day. 

In fact, on this trip, only two night hikes were taken.  One was down the Bloody Antler Trail and the other to Beatrack.  On night hikes the boys stayed quite close to both supervisors.  Even so, I think that the boys enjoyed day hikes on our property the best as they got to talk about everything under the sun.  Having another supervisor along made the difference.  And both of us were the better off for it.

One thought on “Daytime Hikes

  1. The Marion Boys Club also spent a lot of time hiking these woods. I think I knew them better than anyone else. I remember the gravel pit and the blackberry bushes. And how about that little pond just off Matson Road. I once tried to fish that.


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