Can You Smell Summer In The Air?

My whiffer was a bit off this year as it got the scent of summer in MARCH! And not only the scent but a string of 80 degree days which is almost unheard of in Michigan in March. Yet to any sane Michigander, their nose tells them that even with a warm March, April may well bring a few days below freezing and it did!

There were several hard freeze days in Michigan in April and those could well cost Michigan farmers their cherry crop. In our topsy-turvy winter matched the rest of the country as I heard tell that even Hawaii had a snowfall this year.

Some days this past winter it was warmer in Montana than Florida. Some around my community were getting out their shorts. Not me because I know what Michigan weather can be like. In fact, my summer clothes don’t come out here until mid-May.

To be true to my title, though, summer as whiffed in March of this year and then that same nose felt the chill of April. What will be in store for it come May?

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