The Boundries of Camp Martin Johnson


I had always wanted to know as to the extent of the land at Camp Martin Johnson. It covered far more land than I had dreamed possible. I knew that it bordered on Big Bass Lake and Blue Gill Lake but I didn’t know it had some land contingent to Little Bass Lake. The extent of its land nearly reached the Big Bass Lake Store.

My thanks to all the campers who sent me maps of the area. This one was my favorite in that it actually gave me the entire camp size as it related to the various lakes that bordered it. When I walked through this camp in the early 1970’s with some of the boys club kids with me on that trip, we basically just walked down the main road to the waterfront. But there was so much more to this camp.

How many cabins for the kids were there here? How many kids per camp session? Any former campers care to inform me of that? When did camp start in the summer and when did it end? My summer camping experience at Union League Boys Club Camp and Camp Mishawaka was about nine weeks in all counting staff training. At Mishawaka we had snow on the ground when I first arrived just a week before the kids were due. It was gone in a few days though.

Let us know more about the camp fellow campers as memories never die.

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