Ludington’s House of Flavors Plant

Ludington has a House of Flavors ice cream restaurant but it also has the plant that produces all that great ice cream On hot summer days this would be a great place to work to get out of that hot weather however in the winter, I’m not so sure. One room in that plant is said to freeze the ice cream at great temperatures under zero. Here are some other things about this plant that might interest you.

5 automated production lines
5,000 gallons per hour production capacity
Cherry Burrell Premium freezers
3 completely automated, 100% quick-hardening systems

36,000 gallon milk and cream storage capacity
34,000 gallon pasteurized mix storage capacity
2,000 hp FES ammonia refrigeration plant

I believe that tours are also provided for people wanting to see how this great ice cream is made so if you’re vacationing in the Ludington area check it out. Oh yes, and then visit the restaurant for some great ice cream flavors.

By the way, this is the actual franchise restaurant that is located in Ludington where you can sample the ice cream I’ve just been talking about.

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