Just south of Ludington on US 31 there is a large hill that stretches for seemingly miles and just behind it is the Ludington Pumping Station. You can’t see it from US 31 but I could well imagine if water broke through and over that hill as it would easily wash out US 31 and everything on it. As an avid sledder I would like to tackle that hill if it were allowed.

The water station provides drinking water for the area. It is one impressive area and I am sure they have tours available. My picture from the air shows how impressive the water pumping station is and the hill I am talking about is just over the top edge of the photograph.

Some of the station strongly resembles Ludington Harbor by way of its entrance as the two are quite similar. Yet no ferry boats take this route. If you ever find yourself in Ludington, the water pumping station is a must see.