Flying Under The Radar

Gulls, ducks, and geese, Oh my! How majestic they are flying well under the radar as they almost seem to skim over the waters of Lake Michigan. They are truly a sight to behold and each and every time I witness their glide over the lake it leaves me speechless.

Gulls look for fish while ducks and geese provide their own honking system as they need it. I marvel at gulls feeding on dead fish that are washed ashore at various times of the year. They are almost so thick that if you were to join them they’d overwhelm you. It would be akin to those birds on the phone line in, The Birds.

I so enjoy the flight pattern of all the birds that frequent the lake as each is far different than the others. Even in high waves the birds almost seem immune to gusty winds. But at times they seem to be frozen in time making no headway over the prevailing winds. One might say that it is always “fowl” weather at Lake Michigan!

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