Sidetrip to Little Manistee River

One of the side trips that my boys club kids used to like was to the Little Manistee River. The access road to that site had trees so close together that it looked almost like night a few feet into that forest. The boys were amazed as to how close together those trees were.

Once at the river, shoes and socks were shed and they moved ever so slowly into the fast moving current. They were amazed at how cold the river was which was almost as cold as Lake Michigan itself. In the 1970’s they could even bend over and get a nice cool drink from that river making sure their feet were steadied. Some of the braver kids just jumped in all the way and began splashing around. They didn’t stay in the river long as it was bone cold.

Some boys just stood in place and watched fish swim right between their legs. A couple of boys threw in their own fishing lines having first obtained a fishing license at the Big Bass Lake store. For some reason they never caught even a single fish at that river. We always had a picnic lunch at the Little Manistee River before heading back to Big Bass Lake.

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