The Haunted Outhouse

I would sure hate to use this old outhouse but it does remind me of the one I had to use as a child. It was always so creepy to use them as I was always afraid of some spider creeping on me at a time I would least expect it. I was so glad for our in-house plumbing when I was six years old. Those first couple of years was no picnic. I remember my mom taking me outside when I was five to go in the middle of the night. Thank goodness our outhouse had a light within it.

My memories of my outhouse made me think that they were all haunted. That is why when I ran into this old relic on a recent hike my mind flooded with bad memories of our old one. Of course this old thing is heading for the dump or even worse obscurity. I’m sure glad that plumbing has made the advances it has. I can’t even imagine having outhouses today in the town I live. I know some are still out there but I’m glad our farm doesn’t have one.

All sorts of bugs used to inhabit my childhood outhouse. I don’t know how my mom coped with all that. Ours wasn’t heated so winter time usage of it must have been pure hell. And summer heat must have made it unbearable too. Yes, to me ALL outhouses are haunted and rightfully so.

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