The Eternal Tree

This tree is an oddity in that it stands quite alone in the middle of our large field. Before it is our garden which seems to move about in position probably due to the theory of rotation of crops to keep the land fresh. The tree in question has seemed to remain the same ever since I was a little boy.

In the black and white photo, that is a picture of me and it is the only time that my older sister, Treva, was taller than me. I now stand at 6’10” and that picture was taken of me at four years old. However, the tree in question hardly looks to have aged a day. The color photo was taken in 1980 and that tree stills stands yet today in 2010.

I oftentimes wonder why my grandfather left that tree in that solitary position after chopping down tree after tree to clear our large field that runs all the way to Noreika Road on the north. Perhaps he did so as a shade tree to gather around after a hard days work in the sun?

One thought on “The Eternal Tree

  1. So that is what Dave looked like as a kid. I never knew he was that small and that he was a blonde.


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