Bugle Calls Are Not For 6 A M

I’ve often mentioned of the continual rain we had with the Salesian Boys Club when they were at our property one summer but that was not the major concern on that trip. The boys dealt with the rain rather well as there was rarely any lightning associated with it. But the boys did object to being awakened every morning at 6 am by the bugle of Camp Martin Johnson. That bugle may have well served that camp as their kids were in bed by 10 pm every evening. Our boys often began their night time hiking activities at about that same time. Even our trip to the Haunted Island commenced at midnight.

Our bedtime usually ran from between 1 am to 2 am so the boys loved sleeping in. However that sleep was often interrupted by that bugle call from Camp Martin Johnson. Even though they were quite a distance from us, that bugle’s sound bounced off the waters of Big Bass Lake and came in loud and clear at our campsite. Our boys were impressed how well that wake-up call was played however they did not know until much later that what they heard was a recording. What? No real bugle call? Is nothing sacred anymore?

After a few days most of our boys did not even notice the call anymore and slept right through it. I did hear it each and every morning and wanted ever so badly to change that recording to “Go to Sleep” instead. I wonder what the rest of the residents around Big Bass Lake felt like being awakened every morning by that bugle.

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