Deserted Cabin

On one of my trips with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club to our property on Big Bass Lake we happened across this old house within the Manistee National Forest on one of our day hikes. It was just off a deserted dirt road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. In restrospect, this would have been better for a night hike however I usually only took night hikes in areas that I was familiar with and this was not one of them.

We arrived at this location in my station wagon and I parked the car within a hundred yards of this deserted cabin. The kids entered the old house and searched around for anything that caught their interest. Whatever might have once been there that was interesting was now long gone. About a hundred yards behind the cabin was a small creek and we noticed two freshly caught fish all by themselves and that was a clue to exit, stage right. Apparently we had interrupted either a bear or raccoon in their noonday meal and I had no intention of adding more meals to that agenda.

During our day hikes in the Manistee National Forest we often came across these deserted cabins and the kids always wondered who would want to stay in the middle of nowhere all by themselves. Good question!

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