Where’s the Lighthouse?

The Ludington Lighthouse puts on its own magic show whenever the surf is high due to a storm. The relentless storm pounds into the breakwater with wave action one after the other sending plumes of water high into the air. “Now you see it, now you don’t”!

At various times the amount of water shot up into the air conceals the lighthouse completely from the naked eye such as you see here. It makes it appear as if the Lighthouse is gone. Vanished! Yet mere seconds later and there it is again as a bright beacon of the night. Another few seconds pass and it is gone again as the water spray completely envelops that lighthouse making it vanish from sight.

This sequence goes on and on throughout the course of the entire storm. But once the storm passes that lighthouse reigns supreme upon that breakwater and so it has been throughout its storied lifetime. It stands its lonely vigil bravely until the next storm plays havoc with it. Thus with every storm it provides onlookers with its own unique magic show. Come and see it perform at the next storm!

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