At one time, on the north shores of Big Bass Lake, was the Homestead Resort that was owned and operated by Maude VanHartesveldt and her husband Frank Jones. She was an active member of the Lake and Stream Resort Association. You can barely see Big Bass Lake through the trees.

In 1894 William Jones purchased 63 acres bounded on the east by Little Bass Lake and the channel between the two lakes and on the south by Big Bass Lake. He and his family lived in an abandoned lumber camp. In 1896 he started to build his home to be known as The Old Homestead. In 1897 they moved into that home. He and his wife had started a very popular resort on the North end of Big Bass Lake where they would pick up their guests at the Pere Marquette Train Depot in Peacock and bring them to The Old Homestead in a wagon.

I would hazard to say that this resort was not a posh one as evidenced by our photograph. It no doubt involved swimming and I would also assume lots of great fishing. Boating was also probably offered.

If anyone knows more about the activities of this resort, please let us know by way of a comment. When did it go out of business? How many buildings were part of this resort?