The Farm Where Keith and Kevin Hansel Lived

This is the Hansel farm in rural Grant County, Indiana, near the city of Marion where Keith and Kevin Hansel grew up. When I first met them they lived on the south side of Marion and were members of the Marion Boys Club and part of the Marion Boys Club Singers. That group not only made a record but also attended the National Boys Club of America Conference in Washington D.C. and sang in Congress.

Keith was probably the best kid I ever worked with and he and his brother Kevin went on more trips to Michigan than any other kids. I taught Keith to play golf and he became quite good at it. One of the first times I ever visited Keith at his new home on the farm, I was going to take him and Kevin to a football game. As I rounded a corner by the barn, I saw Keith with his arm extended in a pig which I thought was rather strange until Kevin informed me that Keith was bringing a reluctant baby pig into the world.

Living on a farm gave the Hansel boys an undue advantage on our camping trips to Michigan as they were accustomed to hard work and outdoor living. The farm was located just south of Indiana 18 about halfway between Marion and I-69. As I understand it, both Hansel boys are again living on that same farm today. Their younger brothers are Mark, Mitch, and Matt.

Keith was also an outstanding participant in the Educational programs at the Marion Boys Club and did great in quiz bowl competition. At the time I was the Educational Director of that club and employed by the Marion Public Library. His and his brother’s foundation though was through this very farm that he was raised up at and his parents did an outstanding job with their boys.

2 thoughts on “The Farm Where Keith and Kevin Hansel Lived

  1. Oh that pig story again. You made me wash my hands three times before I got in your car that day but I will never forget the look on your face when you saw my arm in that pig. Such is farm life. How about telling that commode story next? Ha!


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