Tent Platforms of ULBC

The sort of circle shaded in red was the approximate location of the tent area at ULBC where Gordie, Bob Reiser, and I were situated along with four large tents bound on cement blocks. We also had a firepit and picnic table nearby. Our task was to introduce each cabin to wilderness camping skills by way of hatchet skills, firebuilding, cooking, and compass reading. Our area of operation included not only the tents but the forest surrounding League Lake.

Each cabin would come to us on that counselors days off. Thus each cabin stayed about two full days on a rotating schedule. As I recall there were two full cabins on site at all times. Each tent would house about 20 boys and then of the four tents one was reserved for the tent counselors.

We once hiked to nearby Bong Air Force Base, now deserted, and the kids searched for old bullet casings and the like. It was said that there were still underground entrances to the base but I never believed that. Why would they have allowed access to that type of secure facility?

One advantage of the tent counselors was that if you got stuck with a bad group of boys we only had them for two nights. In fact, unlike the regular cabin counselors we were able to have every cabin in the camp on a rotating basis which was good as variety was always welcome. Plus we were out of the way of the basic camp structure. We set our own schedule, with the exception of meal times, and programs. That freedom was given to us by the camp director.

Little did I realize that later in my life I would return to this camp with my new boys club for many more camping excursions some twelve years later.

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