Windy Night at Big Bass Lake

On a trip with my Hoffman Estates Boys Club, one night in particular was rather chilling in more ways than one. A strong wind was present for most of the night causing the tents to sway. As the evening got longer, the temperature dropped and by morning it was in the upper 40’s, though it was only late July.

Some of the boys came out to the fire to get warm but even the fire was jumping about from side to side being whipped by the high winds.  The strange thing was that there was no storm with this wind.  It would have been a perfect night to go to the Haunted Island except the lake had dangerous white caps on it and I thought better than to rish it. 

I went up to our cottage and got some blankets from my aunt to help keep the kids warm in the tents as I had not counted on this cold of a night.  On this trip we were using three tents and the one furthest from the lake seemed the most stable.  By the time morning had arrived I had already begun preparing a beef stew for breakfast that would stick to the kids ribs and get them to feel warm.  Never on any of my trips to our property had we ever experienced a night either that cold or windy. 

Despite the coldness of the morning, the day quickly warmed up into the low 80’s and the kids were swimming and having fun in Big Bass Lake.  The next night had a low in the upper 60’s.

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