Dinty’s Place on Big Bass Lake

Kent Conner has moved back to the old Dinty Moore Resort and renamed it Dinty’s Place and one has to wonder if he now plans some competition on the north side of Big Bass Lake with Grant’s Resort. Thia photograph of the lake is quite similar to that of Grant’s Resort including a fire pit area quite near the lake along with a section of boat docks.

Will there be a restoration of some of the old cabins that once made-up the Dinty Moore Resort?  I know Kent himself plans to live at the lake year-round but is he planning to restore Dinty’s Place for tourists?  It could involve a price war for business which could be good fhe consumer and provide them a choice of where to lodge.

Each has a beautiful vista of the northern most islands, those being Turtle and Four Winds Island and each is not all that far from the channel that separates Big from Little Bass Lake which could also be used for tourism.  Plus they both have the draw of the Manistee National Forest which surrounds them along with quick access to the Little Manistee River.

So will Dinty’s Place be another vacation option for those coming to Big Bass Lake?

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