The Ever Daunting Sand Dunes

Whenever I am at the Lake Michigan Recreation Area, I am somewhat leary of those majestic sand dunes before me. Being quite petite, for every step I take upward, those shifting sands take my feet several steps backwards instead.  And, since that sand is very hot to begin with frustration mounts as I seem to be getting nowhere fast.

That is why I prefer to capture them on film over that of mounting them.  In my mind I can climb them any time I desire ss I glance t my finished product.  I am a very unabashed climber in my living room as I mount those majestic dunes in my imagination as  I glance at several photographs of them.  And my feet do not burn much to my pleasure.

Now, I’ve never minded running down those dunes as that seems to be my favorite way of attacking them.  I always have my husband’s hand and patience in gong back up them.  I strongly prefer the dunes facing Lake Michigan between Ludington and the Hamlin Dam area as they are much easier for me to climb.  So why climb then when they are much easier to photograph?  Then I can leave my climbing to my imagination which is a far better climber than I could ever hope to be.  I love it when  plan comes together!

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