Rowboat Races on Big Bass Lake

One of the funnies thing the Marion Boys Club kids did was their tag team rowboat races. The boys all knew how to row in a straight line at least somewhat. But docking and shoving off was really something to see. Once Chris came in so hard that when he hit the sand he fell into the drink. Or the time Calvin shoved his rowboat out perfectly with one exception and that was that he forgot to get in.

Making the turn at the Pointe was also worth a second or even a third look as the boys sometimes went around in circles before they headed back onto the straight and narrow course.  Their rowing technique was not quite perfected either as when their oars hit the water they largely splashed themselves into of digging in deeply.  They got themselves more wet than they did when they swam.

I wish I had taken home movies of those rowboat races as they would make the best laugh effects for any television show.  Bow and then you would have a boy who listened perfectly to instruction and his rowboat maneuvers were a thing of beauty but those were the exceptions.  One boy even flipped his boat on the take off and thus his exit was by submarine.  Even so the tag team race was one event on our trips that I most looked forward to each and every time they performed it.  And what a performance it was!

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