Manistee National Forest Brilliance

This past winter has seen few snowfalls but on this one occasion, a few lady friends and I were hiking the Manistee National Forest near Luther, Michigan, when I happened across this scene. I had to capture it for the sheer brilliance of it all. The color scheme is magnificent and says it all about a brisk Michigan winter day.

Some say my pictures of the Sauble River outlet at Lake Michigan are good but this well rivals anything I had previously taken there.  I love how the sun is caught in its fiery best.  And, for the longest time on this hike, all of us were quiet just to hear the crunching sounds of the snow beneath our feet as it had a crusty layer to it that day. 

The sheer beauty of this day tethered to the sounds of crunching snow were fabulous.  And any time five ladies can be silent for over an hour must be some sort of record yet this scene had us all mesmerized.  I’m glad I brought a pair of sunglasses with me as I needed it to see well. 

I could drink in scenes of nature like this all day long and my soul would be nourished by it a hundredfold.  Wow!

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