Driving and Walking Trails

One thing is certain for me and my wife, Darlene, and that is when we venture out into the Manistee National Forest we have an intended area to hike in mind. We both prefer areas in which we have not gone before to the more familiar ones. And this particular chosen road led us to our goal of that day.

Our trek took us into Lake County for a while before entering Manistee County. I usually prefer this great forest both east and south of Scottville but this time we headed almost due north. Our goal was a road just between the town of Manistee and the road leading to the Recreation Area.

Upon our arrival at our destination, we unpacked both our two husky dogs, Frick and Frack, plus our lunch and their’s. Here is what our pathway looked like and I must say it was more “civilized” than even I had imagined.

This was more of a divided pathway, like those large highways like US 31 South of Ludington. I prefer smaller sized trails and more rugged terrain but, sigh, nothing is perfect. There was no need to go single file on this pathway and when Darlene grabbed my hand, I had the sneaking suspicion that she had planned it this way as sort of a romantic get-a-way.

You know, who says Paradise is in the upper portion of Michigan only?

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