A Morning Constitutional

This is the extent of League Lake of the Union League Boys and Girls Club Camp in Salem, Wisconsin, and it is about a one mile hike around this lake. This is the course that I took my campers each and every morning before breakfast weather permitting of course. Flanked on both sides of the lake by forest and the far side by a marsh, my boys worked up a good appetite for breakfast each day on this hike.

About ten years later the boys of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club would also take this jaunt with me but not before breakfast. They would take it as just one of their activities over the course of a long weekend at the camp during the fall and spring seasons.

It was ever so interesting to return to this camp that I had earlier served as a tent counselor. I always found the Union League forest fascinating and on the left side of the lake there were two separate trails, one high and one low.

I was very grateful to J A Markle and Al Mackin for allowing my club kids to have the same experiences in camping that the Union League Boys Club of Chicago enjoyed at this their personal camp. My kids were also part of Mackin’s Woodcraft Ranger program which we took back to our club at Hoffman Estates to practice and explore.

4 thoughts on “A Morning Constitutional

  1. I swam that lake 4 times, I think I was called a SuperWhale. They had a plaque on the boat house with all of our names on it. That was probably in the middle to late 60’s.


  2. Believe it or not, there used to be another camp on the other side of the lake. When I was a camper (60-69), we would hike to the other side of the lake and uncover the ruins. If you looked for it, you found it. Mostly just foundations left at that time, but interesting.


  3. If you stood on the end of the pier and looked directly across the lake, the ruins were on the other side and to the right a little bit. Great exploring the area. Don’t know what’s left now, if anything.


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