Drive to Hike

There is one great thing about the Manistee National Forest and that is that it has hundreds of unpaved roads within it. On a boys club trip with the Salesian Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, we took a side trip into the forest and took the fifth unpaved road that we found off the road into Freesoil.

It was a great road and I drove about five miles and then stopped the car. We unloaded lunches and then proceeded to hike into the forest for a few miles. We passed a very old cabin that was almost crumbling to the ground and near it a rather large pond. One of the boys, Whitey Meier, wanted to know if this was the first time anyone had been to this location but since it was so close in proximity to the old cabin, I told him I thought not. That was probably where whoever once lived there fished.

Yet probably not too many knew of this location. There was nothing more spectacular than what we found near the pond so we headed back to the car after about two hours of great hiking. We drove a little further down the road and hiked into the forest again for a couple of hours but this time all we saw were trees and ferns.

Our day was overcast with a sprinkle or two of rain coming down but that was the trip with rain happening nearly all the time so the kids were used to it. Beneath all those trees, the canopy of them kept most of the rain from reaching the ground. At least the kids had worked up a good appetite for the evening meal that day.

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