Young Nick Horner’s Appetite for Frog Legs Plus by Old Nick Horner

I’m used to shooting from the hip as to what I want to say and thus this child relection.  I’ve often wondered why I have a “yen” for Japanese food, such as sushi, and perhaps this is why.  As a young tadpole, like most kids, I loved to catch frogs.  I recall my grandpa once telling me how great frog legs tasted and so I thought I would do him one better.

I caught a frog and began eating him headfirst. I can almost recall that slimy feel as I digested that critter.  Later when I was telling grandpa about it, he admonished me saying that he first had to COOK his frog legs.  “Oh!” 

Later that day, for some reason, I had an insatiable urge to leap about.  I still don’t understand why?  Now, most normal people would never try such a thing but I’ve always considered myself above normal.  My pal Bob calls me abnormal.  That’s almost as tasty as that frog was.  However, for the rest of that day I had a very nasty flavor in my mouth?  Maybe that was from eating too many jellybeans?

Would I try that today?  Of course not!  Instead I would first cook that entire frog and then eat it.  My grandpa loved frog legs but I love to devour the whole thing.  I never do anything second best! 

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