Downtown Ludington Buildings

I love to shop in downtown Ludington especially for all the interesting shops I can find there. If you look ever so closely you can actually make out Lake Michigan in the far distance as Ludington Avenue ends there. Even more curious to me is on what constitutes the second and third floors of some of those old buildings?

I wonder if the merchants themselves live above their stores?  I have often wanted to just explore those options by making my way up to those second and third stories to see what is actually up there.  Perhaps just storage areas are up there and then are there old elevators that can reach those floors?  Maybe some rental apartments can be found there?  The possibilities are endless!

I once thought other retail venues such as insurance and real estates offices might be found there?  Does anyone have any information on this point?  Ludington does have a rich history and just think about what one might find buried away up there in all those buildings? 

I know that curiosity killed the cat but still I wonder.  Some day I might do something about my curiosity.

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