At our old family house I always wondered why there was an extertior door on the second floor with no staircase leading down. My grandmother told me that some winters the snow got so deep that it would completely cover the first floor. If you tried opening the front door all you could see would be snow.

But on the second floor, with snowshoes on, you could exit the house to do your chores. Chores? In that depth of snow? I would think that it would be hard enough to move about, let alone do chores? Well, she said, “One of those chores would be to shovel out the outhouse” ,for in those days there was no indoor restroom facilities. Yes, that would be one important chore for sure. The outhouse was nearly completely covered up. And to think some kids today complain about shoveling off the front walk!

The barn could also be accessed from the upper loft because the cows had to be milked, snow or not. Can you imagine walking to the country school about a mile away in that depth of snow? In those days there were no school buses so you had to leg it everywhere. Just when you arrived at the school you found it buried as well. At least there would be some other kids there to help out. By the time you started school you’d be plumb wore out. I often wondered why my dad didn’t talk about those good old days very much.