There were quiet mornings when the air was cool enough to set off a mild fog over the surface of the lake. The water was as smooth as glass on those days and just rowing a boat ever so slowly was like cutting a knife through butter. You could drift in close to shore and just take in the scenery. Not being much of a fisherman myself, my times on Big Bass Lake were either motoring or rowing, not to mention swimming, of course.

Autumn though was a treasure because of the full range of colors that you could observe, not only on shore, but through the reflections in the lake itself. If the sky was bright blue overhead the scene was even more spectacular.

I always thought that living up there must have been nice as I could imagine not having to rake leaves around the yard much because there were so many trees up there. Living just off the lake itself had some advantages as the swirling winds took quite good care of the leaves. Yes, there’s nothing like a good autumn day at Big Bass Lake.