Where the Hell is Sauble, Michigan? by Fess Up Barker

Howdy human people from Fess Up Barker. My coon skin body has been up and down these parts looking for a place called Sauble, MI. A human counterpart by the name of Mike will be giving you his take on that same search come May right here on this website. Critters first!

I first came upon the Big Sauble and followed it for a spell.  That’s a river to you human folks.  I found neither hide nor hare of any human community but did find a passel of hare’s.  That’s bunny rabbits to you folks.  There my be a foreign language barrier to some of my speech. 

Some time back I did hanker upon a place called Ward Hills and saw some humans behave really weird by taking over their shirts in the dead of winter to ride some board down a hill.  That is the real animal world people!

Now I been to Hell and back but that was a place called Hell, MI, not the hot place if you catch my drift?  I located some T-shirts with sayings like, “I left my heart in Sauble, Mi”, and they must have left their compass to cause nobody seems to know where this place is!  Or, “I’d rather be in Sauble, Michigan”, but why?  My hole in this tree makes more sense than that! 

I caught a few fish in the Big Sauble yesterday so was I then in this mythical Sauble, Michigan?  Maybe its at the bottom of the river?  Kind of like Atlantis?  If you ask me only a knothead would live in that burg.  I’ll tell you this that I sure see a lot of strange behavior coming from this hole of mine and it ain’t from the critter world neither.  I saw two human guys smooching the other day.  I ain’t about to smooch with any male raccoon.  Not with all my babes craving their hearts out for me. 

I also wonder why human folks like to wear my tail on their heads?  And why not a skunk cause they good make good use out of that tail.  Hey maybe a skunk evacuated Sauble, Michigan, when he turned up his tail toward that place one night? 

I even saw a joker by the name of Nick Horner put on some sort of mask to sleep one night and he scared a whole campsite away when he woke up for a stroll.  When he finally took that mask off he scared me half to death with his real face.  I guess that’s why he wears that mask?

Well, I’ll continue to search for this elusive Sauble, Michigan, but when I find it then what?  Maybe Tin Cup, Indiana? 

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