Locating Lost Lake on Noreika Land

The Maron Boys Club was the only boys club that ever explored “Lost Lake” on our property.  It was located about fifty yards past our old barn and was rather large, especially in the spring time.  Due to the recent melting of the winter snowfall plus the heavy spring rains, this area became a lake for a very short time. 

By the time most of our boys club trips had arrived on our property, Lost Lake was regulated to a big marsh.  It was surrounded by a hillside so was hard to find in most cases unless you were looking for it.  The Marion kids checked out all sides of that hillside looking for just about anything but they never found the actual lake; Only the swamp which they had a hard time believing that it was ever a lake. 

I recall my dad telling me of this lake on our property often but without providing me with an exact location when all the time it was right there before my eyes just past our barn.  I also never saw it as a lake.  I must confess that you could always make out some sort of water line but the tall grasses made it appear as if it were a marsh. 

Oh, well,  just one more intriging thing about our former property.  I wonder what it looks like today?

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