Haunting Spirit of Big Bass Lake

It always happens that first night of any camping trip. I call it “The Haunting Spirit” of Big Bass Lake. It seems to permeate each and every boy. It commences on our first night hike and thoroughly invades each boy when they return from that hike and observe the Haunted Island enshrouded by darkness.

It accelerates itself on a visit to that island as the boys near the Haunted House or the burial grounds where the bonepickers are said to dwell.  It further stretches itself on hikes down the Bloody Antler Trail on that hike at night. 

Even after dark visits to our commode area heightens that spirit as those walks are often taken by the boys alone.  Yet that same “spirit” keeps the boys most aware of their surroundings thus keeping them safe.  Never did they venture outside camp by themselves at night.  Might there be a bear out in all that darkness?  That “spirit” kept them safely in their tents until morning. 

In effect that haunting spirit kept the boys far safer than they might have been without it.  It sure made my task easier on every trip.  So was it really a haunting spirit or a protecting one?

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