The Clearing at Haunted Island

During the 1980’s there was NO Haunted House anymore as the old house had been razed. In the late afternoon on a warm summer day, a neighbor boy and I rowed out to Haunted Island to check it out.  Still there on the west side of the island was that same fragile pier that shook as you walked on it.

Rick and I then climbed the short hill that led to a pathway that took us directly to the opening you can see here in the area of sunlight.  Even in brightest day the island still has the effect of night-time as the area is enshrouded by trees.

Rick still felt uneasy as we approached the area where the Haunted House once stood.  Though it was gone, the burial grounds remained just north of us.  Without the house, it no longer carried the spooky significance it once hold.  Yet at full night I’m sure it could hold its own.

We didn’t stay long that day as there was not that much to see.  Without the house the island was somewhat diminished to me.  Still I was taken aback as to how dark that island was with the sun still out.  I wonder if eerie cries still exist during the night hours there that we heard in the 1970’s? 

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