The Irons Cafe

The Irons Café is located just inside Irons,Michigan, and some of the best breakfast food that will ever pass through your mouth.  The bacon is tender and the pancakes divine and their oatmeal hard to beat.  Once, with a few of the Salesian Boys Club kids, we visited their establishment while waiting for St. Bernard’s to let out  Several parents insisted their kids attend Mass and that was one long Mass, far longer than they ever had at Columbus, Ohio. 

To pass the time, I treated the three boys I had with me to lunch and the sandwich selection was good.  The hamburgers and fries were great according to the boys and who better than to taste test those two foods.  The service was excellent and friendly. 

A few years later I again visited the Irons Café when I was by myself at our property onBigBassLakeand most remember a bowl of potato soup that I had there.  It was the best bowl of potato soup that I had ever had or will have.  The people of Irons can bear that out plus the myriad of tourists that pass through this café’s door each and every summer.  A lot of people that attend Irons Union Church are from the southernUnited Statesvisiting the area and I’m sure many of them frequent the Irons Café after services.

Food can taste good nearly anywhere but the thing that sets the Irons Café apart from others are their friendly service and great prices.  If in the area, give them a try as you won’t be disappointed!

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