My Grandmother, Barbara Noreika, and Swimsuit Competition

I never knew my grandmother, Barbara Noreika, could look so good in a swimming suit at the age of 75.  She is the one on the far left.  As for the rest of these gals, they are Lithuanian friends of hers and the picture was taken when she was visiting the State of Florida.

Now, I’m not certain on whether or not Bert Parks was waiting in the wings to judge this “beauty” contest or on whether or not he was warming up his tonsils for “Here She is, Mrs. America?”

My grandmother had the boldness to dress out in this finery and these ladies might have turned a few heads that day.

If you’re 70 or older, you might try to copy their example where ever you live.  They sure look as though they were having a grand time! 

My grandmother often went to Michigan II during the winter months, that being the snowbirds that flew to Florida to escape the winter Michigan cold.  But she returned to her beloved home at Big Bass Lake every spring. 

You know, her schedule makes sense.  I wonder if they found any 70 plus men breaking out their swim suits that day?

So now I know that my grandmother was once arrested for having a still and now this?  What will I find out about her next?  Stay tuned!

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