Canoe at the Ready by Cottage

An interesting thing about Four Winds Island on Big Bass Lake was as a part of Camp Martin Johnson, everything was at the ready for campers that lived there. A canoe sided each cottage and since the island was not all that large it afforded campers the ability to step out of their cottage, grab their canoe, walk not over thirty yards, and put their craft into Big Bass Lake. It was that simple.

The island itself was a couple of hundred away from the mainland camp but it came complete with cottages and its own council ring. It had an area to swim from and perfeft sleeping accomodations. Meals had be taken back at camp unless a cookout was in oider that day. I suppose going back and forth for meals was a sort of headache but one well worth it to be separated from camp like they were.

Four Winds Island is the real only link to Camp Martin Johnson history yet today since the camp closed in 1978 and most of the mainland camp is near unrecognizable to even the most ardent one time camper. But the camp remains nearly intact at Four Winds Island with only some slight remodeling by the new owners. Graffiti remains on many of the cottages there.

The island is like a glance, or glimpse, if you will, into what CMJ stood for.

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