Motoring Around Big Bass Lake

I used to enjoy taking out our motor boat for a spin on Big Bass Lake.  From our dock I used to head due east toward the bridge to the Big Island.  But as soon as I passed the tip of the Haunted Island I turned due north and motored between both the Big Island and Haunted Island.  This is what you see here between those two islands. 

I moved close in to shore to the Big Island (right) and proceeded past their inlet on the north side of the island and then turned due east again until I passed that island.  I then made a sharp turn south and headed toward my destination, that being the Big Bass Lake Store docking area.  Enroute to that location I would pass by Grandma’s Hat Island on my left.  Just a few yards south of that, on my right, was the entry way to the bridge under the road to the Big Island. My route covered basically the entire south side of Big Bass Lake from southwest to southeast.

 The entire course of the trip took about 15 minutes.  Just north of the Big Island is the corridor to the north side of the lake through the narrows and past the other two islands on the lake.  I’ll describe that for you another time and that area also includes the channel between Big and Little Bass Lakes.

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