Was a Bear at the Cabin or Not?

On one of our trips to our property we opted not to tent camp but instead rented a cabin overlooking the Little Manistee River about five miles from our land.  The cabin had a small kitchen, large living room, modest size bathroom, and large bedroom.  Underneath the bedroom, outside, was a cement platform right next to the river that could be used for grilling. 

The Hoffman Estates Boys Club was with me on this trip and on one night I suggested a night hike but two boys were slightly under the weather and asked to stay at the cabin.  They were Mark and Alan.  The rest of us left the cabin for about a two-hour hike.  About a hundred yards away from the cabin Tim volunteered to go back and watch the younger boys, Tim being one of our older members.  Yet Tim had other things in mind.

When he got back to the cabin he peered through the window and saw Mark and Alan watching television.  He let out a loud growl and began banging on the cabin’s walls.  The two boys inside bolted to the restroom as that was the only windowless room.  Undaunted, the two boys emerged from the restroom with Mark carrying a broom and Alan a plunger.  Perhaps Alan thought the bears plumbing was clogged?

Tim kept up his growling for quite a long time as the two boys inside finally opted to retreat to the bedroom and hide under the covers.  The rest of us returned a bit earlier than planned out of concern for the three boys back at the cabin.  We saw what Tim had been up to and then I let out a huge growl and Tim almost dropped his pants as he ran inside the cabin. 

Later all had a good laugh about it all except for Alan still armed with his plunger.  I think he had visions of unplugging Tim’s internal plumbing?

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