The “Keith” Plunge


Our trips to Big Bass Lake were plenty of fun as young Keith can attest to as he is about to take the “Keith Plunge”. Water fun was always the highlight in our trip to the family farm beach. Our tents were placed within twenty to thirty feet of Big Bass Lake making swimming rather easy. The kids would leave the tents and almost immediately have their feet cushioned on soft moss that led to the beach.

Be they rafts or overturned metal rowboats diving into the lake was always fun. Some created their own dives while others settled in for big cannonballs. Big beach balls were used as floating devices or for a quick game of keep-a-way. Inner tubes were also utilized for floating comfort. There were two primary areas for swimming. One was right near the tents while the other was about fifty yards down shore at our pointe. The pointe was directly across from the Haunted Island.

The kids enjoyed the beach even more than Lake Michigan since it was so accessible to them. After day time hikes they often went swimming to cool off. Some bathtimes were held at the pointe offering a different venue for the boys. However the pointe was more accessible to the public with various speedboats using that area as the route for heading around the Haunted Island. Discretion always proved to be the better half of valor as bathtimes had to be either at early dawn or late dusk.

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