The Haunted Island Gets A Tenant

Well, the Haunted Island again gets a tenant. It isn’t the first as I do recall a cabin on the southwest corner of the island in the 1950’s with only two walls standing. Then there was the famous haunted house in the center of the island and yet still another in that same location but I don’t think it was ever fully completed. Now there is this “safer” version in the center of the island on the eastern side. It faces the Big Island.

Had it been me, I would have chosen to build where the real haunted house was amdist the pines. I still could have a dock and probably where this dock is located to keep the old rickety dock intact on the mid western side of the island. Yet one has to wonder why build out there at all because supplies can only be transferred here by boat.

Of course, here you find photographs of the home both in season and out of season. Out of season trips there could be made by snowmobile or even walking.

Yet I have to wonder how long the “spirits” will allow this house to be occupied before it too becomes deserted only to become the latest version of the haunted house? It has been said that just north of the center of that island was once an Indian burial ground.

And, as is proven elsewhere at BBL and Beyond, under the category Noreika Family, there is proof positive that my grandparents once owned half of this island. I wonder if it was the half that held the true haunted house where I took boys club kids there every camping trip at the stroke of midnight? Hmmm?

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