The Reynolds Canoe Trip

From this point onward on Big Bass Lake and Beyond, our story will come first and then the photographOur family canoe trip that Darlene and I take each year is with the Tanner family.  This past year it came on the Pere Marquette River from Custer to Lake Michigan.  I enjoy these trips because I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend and on this stretch of the river there are a LOT of next bends.

With each dip of the paddle we each observe the banks as we pass them quickly looking for any form of wildlife.  I think that Darlene looks forward to these kinds of trips more than our driving ones.  For one, she knows exactly where our destination is going to be whereas in driving she doesn’t. 

Canoeing can keep a couple together as we often talk about our daily lives while moving down river.  Just as there are obstacles in life, there are plenty on the river as well so our focus has to be ever-changing.  The Tanner’s are just ahead of us on this voyage but far enough that we have a measure of privacy. 

Somewhere ahead we stop for a brief lunch and a little rest from paddling.  The ladies look forward to that.  And I brought along my fishing rod for just such an emergency.  Well, back to what I’m supposed to be focusing upon.  Have a great day folks!

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